Understanding Medicare

Posted September 19, 2012 by Astrid in Moda

By: Astrid Rivera

When it comes to understanding  a health insurance policy, lots of confusion might come across your mind.

Health insurance wording is so hard to explain that you might get the wrong coverage because of that.

In a recent study,  one in two Americans over 60 still do not understand the health reform law, even fewer are aware of important changes to enrollment rules and prescription drug costs.

“Medicare confusion could be costing beneficiaries – nearly half have never shopped for coverage that could better meet their needs, and 85 percent of eligible beneficiaries have never applied for financial assistance,” explained Margie Perez, United Healthcare Marketing Director

United Healthcare launched the National Medicare Education Week, Sept. 15-22, to encourage baby boomers and Medicare beneficiaries as well as their families, friends and caregivers to learn more about their health care coverage options.

In a  recent polling, 73% of Baby Boomer’s plan to work past the traditional retirement age, which Perez says is typically 65-66. 

“It is recommended for those who are extending their retirement age, to do their research, said Perez. “There are several health plans for those people that might be available to them without a monthly premium (cost).


Medicare consists of 4 parts (coverage)

Part A: Pays for most inpatient hospital care, some inpatient skilled nursing home care, some home health care, and hospice care. You are automatically enrolled in Part A when you join Medicare.

Part B:  Pays for doctors’ services, outpatient hospital care, outpatient physical and speech therapy, some home health care, ambulance services, and some medical equipment and supplies.

Part C:   Medicare Advantage Plans,  combines A, B and D into an HMO or a PPO with a private insurer

Part D: Offers some help with prescription drugs. The coverage is voluntary and the monthly premium varies depending on how much coverage you have.

Even though information about Medicare is vast, as a health insurance expert, Perez is clear that understanding Medicare is a complex topic.

“Understanding medicare is not an easy task, I would say that people should start reading and getting informed about medicare now, the sooner the better.  Plans can change ever year, explained Perez. “People need to call their insurance company to see if there are any changes in order to evaluate if that plan is best for them.”






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