The Second Time We Met- By: Leila Cobo

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“What neither of them reckoned with is that love and lust are transformative, that they peel back layers of your self, surreptitiously, life the softest caress. Before you know it, fragments of you are exposed for all to see, little pieces of you didn’t know carried with you until they found their reason to exist.” The Second Time We Met. 

It took Leila Cobo a year to see the final result of “The Second Time We Met” a book that according to the journalist it took 12 months of hard work. Nights of brainstorming about a story she never knew how she was going to end it.

The story evolves around Asher Sebastian Stone, who has an almost perfect life thanks to his adopted parents. He is on the verge of a professional soccer career when a car accident spins his future into doubt. Asher begins to wonder about his past, and about the girl who gave him up for adoption in Colombia two decades ago.

“It is not a true story… there is some details that are true, however I just wanted to create an insight of the journey into the world of international adoption, “ said Leila Cobo. “I do not have any experience with adoption, but being able to adopt is the ultimate act of love. Being a mother goes beyond everything, being a mother is making sure that there is toilet paper in the bathroom, that your kids are eating the right food, that they are doing well in school. The person that does this is the mother whether if is the grandmother, the aunt, or the adopted mother”.

This book is nothing more than about how people can find second chances, about hope and forgiveness.

Her insights into the dichotomy of Colombian and American cultures are very present in the book.

“It is really exciting to see the results of the final product and see how a character can dramatically changed and can get people lost and confused with it,” explained Cobo, who also confessed that the hardest character to create was Asher.

“Asher Sebastina was very difficult to develop, he did not have any struggles at all, no problems, he was adopted with a lovely family and had a perfect life, something that is hard to imagine in this society,” concluded the Colombian author.

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