The importance of a good relationship with your pharmacist

Posted April 26, 2012 by Astrid in MatriPuntos

Going to the doctor could be very tedious. No one likes to feel sick or wait long hours sitting on an office to be attended, sometimes just for a simple discomfort.

Every time I visit my doctor I called it the routine- here once again- get to the doctor’s office, I read couple of “chismes” on a magazine, I hear some other patients situations, “quejas”- and yes sometimes I become a psychologist on a doctors office. After all the drama at the waiting room, I get to see my doctor, who should be my best friend. He knows how much I weigh, my height, my hair color; he has seen every mole on my body and all the imperfections with it.

Now, I have the magic pass- a prescription- it is time to go to the pharmacy and get the medicines. Even though I love to go to the pharmacy- of course,  I love the makeup section more than anything, that does not mean waiting for my medicine is the most awesome experience ever.

I remember my “abuelita” asking the pharmacists the where, why, how, dos and don’ts about the medicine, besides telling them her situations, like and dislikes. She even used to show pictures of all of her grandchildren. Why? I never understood… Of course until now, back then you had the opportunity to go to your “farmacia de barrio” and would get attended by someone you could trust. Now with all this huge chain of pharmacists it is really hard to even maintain a cordial conversation with the pharmacist. A relationship that is equally relevant as the relationship you have with your doctor.

Now with all the CRM applications that allow you to submit your prescription thru a mobile app, it is even harder to get to know the person preparing your medicines. Is that right or wrong? Not sure yet. What I am sure is that your doctor knows about your symptoms and ailments but it’s the pharmacist who knows about the drug. Think about it, why would you ask the doctor a lot of questions about a drug when it’s the pharmacist who specializes in it?

Many times when I have suspected that I had a symptom, I would go ask my pharmacist about it and ask what they recommended, that way, I could take control over what sort of drug I might need.

Having a relationship with your pharmacist is like having a relationship with your business partner. The same way you like to have a relationship with whomever you do business with; you should have a close relationship with the experts that know about your health.

At the end the most important business in your life is to have a healthy life…and that is the business you should work to get 100% of return of investment.

Better Health Relationships mean Better Health

Every time you get a new drug, make sure you understand why you are taking it and how to take it. Ask your pharmacist these 6 questions.

1. Why should I take this drug?
2. Is the drug safe for me?
3. How should I take it?
4. How long should I take it?
5. What are the side effects?
6. Is there a generic?

 By: Astrid D. Rivera






This campaign has been funded by LATISM to help educate latinos on pescription drugs

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