Sexting: Popular In Teenagers!

Posted September 28, 2011 by Astrid in Noticias

Today teenagers use text messages to chat long hours, to send messages and  sometimes to send images of  sexual nature. This communication trend or behavior is known as sexting. According to experts sexting is a widespread phenomenon prevalent among teens between the age of 13-26.

Although the “sexting” is very popular among Americans it is common in the Latino community.

In teenagers, sexting may be used to be funny, to have fun or just to be cool.

Oh Lord! Teens seem not to understand that anything shared electronically (email, social media, phones) last forever.


Sexting could seem a fun/nice sexual adventure, however it has a negative impact in young people. Not only it can ruin their self-esteem, reputation, relationships, social live and even future jobs; it can also result on criminal charges. In states like Texas teens younger that 18 could face a misdemeanor for transmitting a sexual explicit image or video of a teen over the phone.


There is no doubt that teens love to copy cat their favorite celebrity actions. There is nothing wrong with that, siempre y cuando sea permitido. It seems like the pressure of being the hot flavor of the month and acclaimed by others is spreading the wrong message. A message that even in hollywood has made chaos. Nude pictures of  Vanessa Hudges, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna have leaked over the internet in the past, where each one of them had their regrettable click.

This behavior raises eyebrows on whether  or not our teens are being increasingly exposed to sexual imagery.


  • 143 = I love you
  • 182 = I hate you
  • 8 = Oral sex
  • 9 = Parent is watching
  • 99 = Parent not longer watching
  • 1174 = Nude club
  • 420 = Marijuana
  • AITR = Adult in the room
  • ASL = Age/Sex/Location
  • BJ = Blow job
  • BOB = Battery operated boyfriend
  • DUM = Do you masturbate ?
  • FWB = Friends with benefits
  • IWSN = I want sex now
  • RU/18 = Are you over 18



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