Meet Eduardo the New Latino Character in Despicable Me 2

Posted July 1, 2013 by Astrid in Mama

Eduardo is the extremely warm, charming and flirty owner of the popular Salsa & Salsa restaurant whose passionate Latin dancing causes women to swoon. He has a larger-than-life personality that is dwarfed only by the size of his waistline. But is Eduardo secretly the No. 1 super-villain on the Anti Villain League’s most wanted list?  Find out on July 3!!!

Eduardo is the main antagonist in Despicable Me 2. He is the nemesis of Gru in the movie. He will be kidnapping Gru’s Minions and turn them into evil purple minions so he can use them to conquer the world. His real name is El Macho.

He have a chicken as pet.


  • Eduardo is played by an actor Benjamin Bratt.
  • He wears a red shirt opened to reveal his chest hair and a large gold medallion that prominently features his emblem.
  • Eduardo speaks with a Spanish accent
  • He has a son named Antonio.
  • Eduardo was originally voiced by Al Pacino, actor known for his roles as mobsters, such as Michael Coleone in The Godfather trilogy and as Tony Montana in Scarface. Pacino left the project at the beginning of May 2013 due to creative differences and was replaced by Benjamin Bratt.




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