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Posted October 4, 2013 by Jean Ml. in FASHION

So, my wife considers me a regular guy. I consider myself to be highly creative, yet when I open my closet I see nothing but same shades of polos. Greens, blues, & whites alongside my 7 pairs of shoes. That’s right, seven. You might think its one per day of the week, but that was only a coincidence. That’s not the case for my wife. As much as I try to wrap this idea around my head I still can’t make sense of it. My wife is a shoe freak. It almost feels like she is dependent on them, “kinda” like Shoeaholics anonymous. She will definitely be conducing those meetings or volunteering our house to have the gatherings.

Last time I checked it was around 240 pairs she owned. Really? With only two feet? That’s one thing I will never understand. Ladies, why do you need so many? I mean, I understand the fact that women have plenty more options when it comes to dressing, but I still cant find it justifiable.

It’s really funny how our minds are wired completely different in terms of how we view our social dressing environment. On being invited to a party, I would say great, an opportunity to see friends and family. My wife, before the conversation was over she had already seen herself in front of the closet and mentally tried out 6 different types of outfits with matching shoes.

It seems it’s a common trend regardless of the environment you are in, if there are women, SHOES come up! Whether its just as a colloquial “wow, I love your shoes! Where did you get them?” to _____ (fill in the blank) “did you see those shoes she is wearing? What!! That’s so Payless!”

I’ve put together a couple of pointers for those guys that are in love with a shoe freak and tend to find ourselves in shoe related circumstances with your love one

1-   Embrace it: SHE WILL NOT CHANGE. She might divorce you, change careers, change those bad habits as drinking out of the milk gallon or sweeping the dirt under the carpet, but she will never stop buying shoes.

2-   Respect the Closet: It might look like a war zone, but whatever you do. Do not step inside.  You will be blamed for any scratches on the Valentinos.

3-   Develop good taste for shoes: If you want to get her present she will always remember. Do not look into the IPhone 4S. Learn your shoe basics. Pumps go better with dresses, Stilettos look great with jeans and Wedges look amazing with maxi skirts. She will appreciate that a lot more.

4-   For the sake of your relationship DO NOT ATTEMPT to quantify how much money is invested in shoes. She will be proud with the number and you will be really disappointed and will surely understand why your expense budget is month over month increasing by 10%.

Feel like your wife is suffering and has a hard time accepting she is a shoeaholic? We are here to support you. Feel free to follow @jeanmanolo. Remember, support is only a tweet away #inlovewithashoefreak we are here to help!

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    Jean, truly. . . .I have no words! GENIUS! Witty, and insightful! lol By the way, supposably fashion is “ever evolving” according to many, but in all actuality it’s just being recycled. Therefore when trends don’t work for us (women) or things don’t fit as we would like them to fit, SHOES DO! Oh and Valentinos don’t just magically crawl out of their dust bags from their box! LOL Men will be blamed!

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