Keep Your Relationship With Your Mom Alive By Calling Her…

Posted May 10, 2012 by Astrid in Moda

Talking to your mom something is challenging. Different times, different opinions, different personalities. However, calling your mom could also be the best thing ever.

The good thing about calling your mom is that you do not need an specific reason to call her. It’s easy to go days and weeks without phoning home because of how busy we all are with work, but make it your mission to call your mom for no other reason than just to say, “Hi, what’s new?” It will literally fill her heart with joy.

In my case I have had the opportunity to communicate with my mom everyday. However not all the Latinos here in the US have that privilege.

This is the story of one of my BFF:

“I still remember those very first days when I first came to US, when calling Colombia was around 14 cents per minute and I was a little hesitant to call home every week. Today, we can call Colombia from US anywhere from 1.5 cent to 2 cents, unbelievable the amount of change in calling rates…now a days, I call home every day or at least alternate days. Some of us constantly call and some do not call even once in 15 days, this article is my perception of things and why I think calling home alternate day is very important.”

Why is it important? Family relationships?

Imagine, How many times do we go home after we come to US as a student or a professional? Once every 2 years or may be once a year at the most. Think about how many times you used to go home when you were studying in your country. Some of us stayed at home all through our education until we came to US.  Imagine the attachment we have built over years with our parents and family?  Think about how hard your parents struggled to help you come to US, those long days of application process, Visa support, Bank loans, packing…Imagine how much affection they have toward us and doing all this for our good… Don’t you think you should be thankful to your parents, specially your mom and call them every day?

We do not need to talk for an hour or 30 min. Call them and say, 5 minutes a day. How much does it cost you? 10 cents ?  For one month, that is 300 cents or $3. Can’t you spend 3 dollars and 150 minutes of your time for your parents?  There are quite a few who do keep in touch with parents and keep the relationship alive. But there are some who do not do this.  When I talk to my parents, they say, do not call every day, it is expensive and you are wasting money. I just say one thing, “If I cannot spend 5 or 10 min a day and 10 cents to talk to my family, what the hell is the point of me studying to become a better person and making money in US?”

Overall, just like you water a plant every day, you have to keep your relationship with your parents alive by calling them…

By: Astrid Rivera

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