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Posted May 3, 2012 by Jean Ml. in MatriPuntos

As parents we should always be around our kids to be facilitators of great education, moral standards and family values. At our Latin home, we believe good education starts at the house. As parent we are really involved with the school in our kids process.

We our son turned two, we decided to enroll him at a Montessori education preschool. Montessori education is characterized by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological development, as well as technological advancements in society.

The Montessori education relays in a few very important pillars:

  • Acquisition of language—from birth to around six years old
  • Order—from around one to three years old
  • Sensory refinement—from birth to around four years old
  • Interest in small objects—from around 18 months to three years old
  • Social behavior—from around two and a half to four years old


There are a couple of things we do in order to provide our son with the most out of school:

1-    We parlay with the program they are running at school. We follow the program sent to us in the monthly newsletters. If they are learning about the world for example Africa, we try to reinforce Africa at home. We buy books with animals from Africa, we expose him to the language, and he learns to identify where in the Globe is Africa.

2-    We meet twice a semester with the teachers and instructors where we learn his strength and weaknesses and we take those weaknesses and reinforce at house.

One of the things we learned recently is that our 4 year old is lacking vocabulary. He is struggling with learning English at school while we maintain Spanish speaking at the house. As parents we sat down with his teacher and agreed it will be a good solution for now to post sticky notes with names in both Spanish and English names of all the elements around the house.

We have learned he is adjusting well now to the bilingualism of being Hispanic in a English driven society…this has also resulted in great blessing for us since he will be the best teacher for his little sister currently in the oven.


 By: Astrid Rivera

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