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Let’s have a little heart to heart talk. We all know that our children should become a better version of their parents, so it is extremely important to influence them by leading a healthy lifestyle. If they grow up in a healthy environment they will probably follow this lifestyle. This is why I suggest that we get a head start while they are still youngsters and be proactive with a healthy diet and frequent exercise so this becomes a part of their everyday life. As part of the family routine, include the kids in part of the annual check-ups so they can understand the importance of preventive care and having health and dental insurance.


Our responsibility as parents is to take great care of our children while they are living under our roof.  This is why I am so glad that Florida KidCare is here to help us parents do just that. Florida KidCare program benefits include doctor visits, check-ups, hospital stays, surgeries, immunizations, prescriptions, emergencies, vision, hearing, dental, mental health services and more! With Florida KidCare, you may be able to keep your pediatrician of record.


Through Florida KidCare coverage, your child has access to private, quality health and dental providers.  Life happens and we never know when we’re going to need to take one of our kids to the doctor’s office. This is why, my friends, I urge you to apply now by visiting Florida KidCare online to learn more or to start an application today for free!

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