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Posted November 1, 2011 by Astrid in MatriPuntos

[SlideDeck id=’1118′ width=’100%’ height=’335px’]Walking on the mall you were amazed of the way that  a “feito tenia una mujer hermosa” by his side. Caminaba con el pecho inflado store by store.

This has been happening for quite sometime and it is very noticeable in Hollywood.

 Itzel Quinteros , a hollywood & entertainment expert said:

 The sexy kitten with the not so good-looking beaux couple is more noticeable and is likely to raise more eyebrows in the public eye versus the real world. For us regular folks, who are not in the public eye, are more often than celebrities to be appalled at the sight of a gorgeous woman with a man that’s far from getting his sexy back.”

Ok, so I guess women are looking for something different or maybe got tired of dating the hot stuff.

“ Women don’t necessarily seek the ugly duckling. Women who have had bad experiences from dating the Hot bad boy or the tough guy, overtime become more selective and in that process the physical is sometimes no longer at the top of their priority list.”

“In addition to this some women have found that some men rating high on the sexy-o-meter not only spend more time in the mirror than women but also are more likely to be self-absorbed and less likely to commit to a serious relationship.”

Claro, we want commitment & someone that makes us feel like princess.

Well the thing is that men who are less fortunate on the exterior are less absorbed, value commitment and are more likely to be genuine and truthful than men who are more physically appealing. Studies also suggest that most of these average Joes not only open doors and pull the chair behind you, but that they are focused on making the women in their lives happy. There is no question in that opposites attract. These beautiful women whether they are celebrities or regular people have found that most of these ugly ducklings have something special that has nothing to do with their exterior and it is those underlying qualities that make them so irresistible.”

Irresistible: Como, Cuando, Donde? 

Since these men do not have the physical attributes of an amazon God or the pow-wow of Vin Diesel or Dwayne Johnson, they use their hearts, personalities and gentleman-like moves to drive those pretty women to their circle. If couples focused on the connections they build without knowledge of the physical attraction or appearance, couples would have a better understanding of what their partner feels, thinks and how they act. Physical distraction, hotness or the super mojo factor, sometimes blinds us from seeing how damaging a partner is or what one truly values in a relationship. Physical attraction is a temporary fix and it means nothing when there is nothing underneath that moves us, motivates us or inspires us. Hands down, most of these men have what counts and what will make the relationship last.

The advice is, if you really want it you get it? It is obvious and in fact, a relationship where the couple values connection, honors the little things, has great communication and trust has more potential and longevity than a relationship that is based solely on sex and physical attraction. This man may not be the crème de la crème but he is more likely to know what his woman likes, dislikes and what his woman wants. The queen bees who fall deeply in love with these less fortunate fellows, have developed a connection that is stronger than a physical attraction which often equates a hotness or genuine desire that surely to knock their socks off in the love pad as well as on a more psychological level. In a nutshell, this man will not only make her content he will make sure his lady stays deeply in love.

Hot Guys: No se vistan que hay competencia Regardless of his not-so-blessed features, a man who finds the time to truly understand a woman inside and out, and appreciate a woman for who she is, is not only ahead of the game but also works better than the studs. So for all you studs that are wondering why you can’t get a hot mama for the long haul, think again you may need to take a lesson from those less attractive fellows who are not duds and are surely swooping the hot women from your court.


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