Enrique Santos: “All I Ever Wanted To Do Was To Become a Police Officer”

Posted December 7, 2011 by Astrid in Entretenimiento

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Every morning you can listen to him on his radio show, you can also see him on TV, and now do not be surprised if you get pulled over by officer Santos.

Yes, you’ve heard right. It has been eight months since Enrique Santos was sworn as a Reserve Police Officer for the City of Miami.

“All my life all I ever wanted to do was to become a Police Officer. Throughout high school I was a police explorer, then I became a police dispatcher, and then I became a policeman.”

From police officer to radio personality …

“I’ve always liked the entertainment business, music, broadcasting, comedy but I never really envisioned it as a career. All I ever knew was the police work; however I became friends with a radio director who gave me the opportunity to be a disc jockey on the weekends. A little after, a full time position opportunity for the morning show came; I took it and I am still here today.”

Now as a police reserve officer, why did you decide to change career paths?

“I would not say I changed career paths, I just saw the moment and took the opportunity on the radio station. I always kept my certification as a police officer, because I knew one day I was going to see myself on the line of duty. Eight months ago I felt compelled to do something more, that is when I decided to swear in as a police reserve officer. I can be a role model to young Latinos that listen to my show; I can inspire them to initiate a career, to say no to drugs, and to say no to violence.”

How do people react when they see you as a police officer?

“I get recognized all the time. Mi primer día como reservista me toco investigar una situación donde un señor venezolano había causado un accidente, cuando me reconoció me pidió una foto, nos tomamos la foto y después le di las multas. Y el de lo mas humilde y agradecido me dijo que era oyente de mi programa, eso me lleno de orgullo”

 We all know that you use the radio to spread a positive message, what is the message behind serving as a Reserve Police Officer?


“The job of a police officer is a mix of everything. Policemen are psychologist, therapist, are human more than anything else and that is what makes a good policeman. We are problem solvers. Unfortunately, some abuelitas mistakenly, every time the kids cry say: “Ahi esta el policía, pórtate bien porque si no el te va a llevar, or if you do not eat all your food the police is going to be mad at you.” I know they do it with the best of intentions, thinking that they are doing the right thing; however, that can create the wrong message of who we really are. My intentions are not to go out and write a hundred tickets a day or to arrest a bunch of people.”

To become a law enforcement officer, decision-making skills are often necessary and Enrique Santos sure knows how to make decisions in his life. In 2008 for the presidential campaign he invited former Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain and President Barack Obama to his radio show. Only McCain showed up the day before the elections, where Enrique Santos told McCain he was planning to cast his ballot the next day and remained undecided.

“Even though I did not vote for Barack Obama, I was not unhappy with the fact that he was elected president. The fact that I did not vote for him and months after the presidential inauguration I got an invitation to visit the White House; it really demonstrates that we live in a democracy. Es de mucho valor poder decir lo que uno piensa, ejercer el derecho al voto y que la decisión sea respetada. Situación que tristemente en muchos de nuestros países latinos no existe”.

How would you grade Obama’s Presidency?

“Es muy difícil asumir la presidencia. El Presidente Obama ha cumplido con muchas cosas que él dijo que iba a hacer. For example, don’t ask, don’t tell repeal (where gays and lesbians are now free to serve openly in the U.S. armed services). I strongly believe in equality for all individuals and groups regardless of their sexual orientation or gender. One of the most prestige things you can do as citizen of a country is serving in the military, yet they are asking you to lie about who you are. The “don’t ask, don’t tell policy” never made any sense to me; it is not that I think it’s safe; however I do not think is correct.”

It seems that 2011 was a great year for Enrique Santos, and 2012 only looks more promising for him. For us at LatinBlah it is an honor to call Enrique Santos a distinguish, genuine, proud latino and a friend.

We wish him the best !!!

 By: Astrid Rivera – Editorial Director & Host







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