Divino Shares His Biggest Dream & His Biggest Crush

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Aun así cuando nacío en el Bronx, New York; el cantante Divino, quien dejo el reggueaton a un lado para convertirse en baladista siente un orgullo inevitable de su puertorriqueñidad y sobre todo de la ciudad que lo vio crecer: Ponce.

“Even though I was born and lived part of my childhood in NY, I feel Puerto Rican 100%,” commented Divino. “I never speak English here in PR, this is actually my first bilingual interview.”

Para Daniel Velazquez, su nombre de pila, el album “Por Experiencias Propias” es su favorito. Y es que Divino prefiere componer, cantar y hablar sobre temas de amor, de sus experiencias pasadas y de la vida misma.

His experiences and the death of his father inspired him to write “Pobre Corazon.”

“When I lost my dad I went to a stage of introspection, my dad was always seen in church, he was a very happy and calm person who loved music, that is why I wrote “Pobre Corazon” on his memory,” said Divino.

With this song Divino has traveled Latinoamerica and Europe, according to him this is one of the songs (Pobre Corazon) that people will never forget. It has an inspirational and meaningful message.

His dad was not the only lost Divino faced, he also lost his younger brother, a rapper and hip hop singer.

“I always knew there was something wrong in my brother’s life, I saw his death coming, but did not expected to be that soon, all suddenly the worst happened,” said Divino. “It has been really hard, however, I know everything has its own purpose in life and now I understand why he left us.”

Once I learned: “You got to look at it from the bright side, even if there isn’t one,” commented Divino.

We have seen a lot of Spanish singers doing a crossover, and that is something Divino has in mind.

“I have to accept that I am not too familiar with the English “slang”, that is why I have not done a crossover yet but I would love to do it. Why not ?,” commented Divino.

Shuh! Divino’s little secrets 

Biggest Dream - “For me the sky is the limit and nothing is impossible. My biggest dream is to sing with Mariah Carey. She is so talented, her voice is just amazing. I also would love one day to share the stage with Marc Anthony and Lil Wayne. I admire them so much.”

Biggest Crush – When I first saw Roselyn Sanchez I felt in love with her, I would say she is the love of my life. I thought that meeting her (Roselyn) was so far away from reality. I actually had the opportunity to meet her a couple of years ago, we are really good friends, she is so perfect.”

 Javier Bellido –  Entertainment Correspondent

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