Closet Nightmare: How To Keep It Organized.

Posted September 28, 2011 by Astrid in Moda

If your closet looks as bad as the one on the picture below: Your closet is a “pesadilla”

 I know! I know!… It”s really hard to keep it clean with our busy schedule.

However, lo dificil no es regarlo, si no mantenerlo ordenado.

The best tips and advices to keep your closet organized.


 Have the proper supplies:  hangers, shoe rack, empty boxes, belt hook, jewelry storage box.

When cleaning, divide your belongings: items that you will keep, item that you will throw or give away and the ones you would like to repair. Remember to throw or give away the items that have not being used in 6 months.

Items to keep: clothes, shoes & belongings that are used regularly.

Items to give away: belongings that you have not used in 6 month and are not longer part of your favorite wardrobe. Take them to a local charity or thrift store.

Items to throw away: things that are not longer useful, broken items that cannot be repaired.


Separate your clothes by type: shirts, blouses, jackets, dresses, suits, jeans, slacks, dress pants.

Hang them together, individually and separate them in the same group.

Organize each group by color until degradation of color tones is formed.


To keep your closet organize and clean: do laundry once a week and make a commitment with yourself. It is easier to keep it clean than to clean a mess.



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