Hair: Your Best Accessory

Posted October 28, 2011 by Astrid in FASHION

Women nowadays distinguish themselves for being self-sufficient & fearless. Sin dejar a un lado su toque sensual y femenino. Today, women are exposed to beauty campaigns that don’t actually target “real” women. Advertising campaigns always push you to be “al ultimo grito ¡aouu! De la moda.

Fashion, accessories & jewelry trends might be responsible of the changes women constantly acquire in order to feel in the right track, however, women tend to forget their best accessory: The Hair.

Hair is the best tool a woman has to express the beauty within her. In the beginning of our times women hair was used to represent social status.

Egyptian queen Cleopatra used her hair designs in numerous ways to enhance her power, beauty and fame.

Focused on hair styling tips and advices, HAIR: YOUR BEST ACCESSORY section will be here just for you.

Welcome to this new adventure

“Remember to wear your hair according to the circumstances”

With Love,

Charlie O. a remarkable hairstylist and colorist with more than 17 years of experience. From the latest European trends to your sleek and sophisticated look Charlie O. has it all.

Modelo: Valery Velez de Desiree Lowry Model Management

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