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Following the “H”

When I book a hotel stay I always think about service, accommodations, pool, gym and of course price. Others book a hotel stay based on the restaurant and food quality of a hotel. I always taught the hotel food was not perfect,...


Sushi a lo Latino

In 2009 social media took Sushi to another level. Someone has the idea of creating a Sushi Fan Page for the Sushi Lovers. In the first year over 21,000 people confirmed their participation in this fan page, where they have been...


Baty’s Take Milkshakes to Another Level

[SlideDeck id=’3198′ width=’100%’ height=’420′] A milkshake is a sweet, cold beverage which is made from milk, ice cream or iced milk, and flavorings or sweeteners such as fruit syrup or choc...


Weeknight Meal Special By Bertolli

[SlideDeck id=’2774′ width=’100%’ height=’380px’] Today we decided to stay home and have a good old family meal. I started thinking about a homemade soup cause it has been raining all week in...

Super Bowl Appetizers: A Lo Latino

Who can forget the sabor  Victor Cruz delivers on the field everytime he dances Salsa. Who can forget the sabor latino our abuelitas put in every dish. The Super Bowl is not a celebration for wings and beers anymore, it is ti...

brugal coquito'

Coquito: a Family Tradition

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Pavo Frito: The New Way To Eat Turkey!

As we all know turkey could be anything but greasy. Freir el pavo, it is not too common within the Latinos, however, it is the new Thanksgiving trend in our kitchen. Born years ago in Louisiana, deep-fried turkey is rich in fla...