American Idol is Back!

Posted January 16, 2012 by Astrid in MatriPuntos

As American Idol is back for its 11th season, Latinos are eager to see their representation in this phenomenon yet amazing contest.

Ryan Seacrest is hosting again and judges Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have returned.

Is not a secret that with J-Lo as a judge, the Latino roots are present, however, there is a lot of hope to see more Latinos rocking the stage this season, as Karen Rodriguez did on season 10th.

Even though Karen created a bilingual stir on American Idol, when she threw in a twist to the Maria Carey’s “Hero,” singing almost half of the song in Spanish, she feels she was representing who she is: A Latina. “I decided to sing in Spanish because I am a Latina,” she explained. “I love to sing in English and Spanish but my hearts goes for the Spanish … it was my first language.”

“I want to represent for all my Latinos out there. America is a big melting pot, it’s not only English, there are so many languages infused in this country and I just wanted to support my race,” Rodriguez said. “I have it in my blood, it lives inside me and I have to be who I am. The music in Spanish is more beautiful, the melody, the lyrics. The stories behind, the words everything.”

Born in New York City, where there is a strong influences of hispanic music, it was hard for Karen not to relate with her roots.

“Living in NYC you hear salsa, merengue, bachata everywhere, that is something that lives in you,” said Karen. I love this music, there is no reason why Latino Music should not be part of my life, I always try to find the way I can connect English and Spanish. Everything that makes me who I am, I want people to feel connected with my music.” 
After American Idol:

Before American Idol Karen was an ordinary girl with such an extraordinary voice.

After American Idol, Karen has become an achiever. Beside making her dream come true, now Karen works in her new album. ” I am working on my album and I have total control, I have been writing, creating, and enjoying the process,” said Karen.

American Idol Schedule

The contestants who impress the judges will head to Hollywood and be put to the ultimate test during “Hollywood Rounds”, airing Thursday Feb. 9.

The judges have their say after every performance, but it’s the viewing public that determines who will advance to the next round of the competition and who will go home.

All AMERICAN IDOL episodes begin at 8/7c on FOX unless otherwise noted.

Don’t miss this premiere that will blow your mind as it’s has for ten consecutive years.

We have a feeling this will be a great year for Latinos in AI.



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